Realy nice, our fusion with japanese influence, basicly a group of different cultures, but a very nice and co-operative group. Thanksto all of you, it was a lovely experience.Ciao Tom, hope you will eat more desserts, Be carefull with the knife, Katja you're a great chef. We made some delicious things. Like Scallops with misodressing, canneloni of carpaccio, mashed popatoes with wasabi and tuna leafs and appeltempura.ciao see you soon Karen




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Thanks again for the nice explanation we got from you. It was a very good selection of courses (including desert) of japanese influence.
I heard similar positive feed-back from our team-members.
By this time my finger is healthy again.
Can you please share how to make the misodressing ? I could not find it on your Blog.
Take care.

Gepost door: Tom Inslegers | 13-06-07

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